I do not know anyone who can keep from crying whenever they see Titanic movie. Now we as an audience are getting a second chance to see it all over again in theaters. In case you loved this post and you would want to receive more details concerning best cd website generously visit the web page. One hundred years ago, the Titanic set sail with hopes of having one of the best crossings to New York in history. However, what happened instead was one of the most tragic accidents in history. The movie stays true to the story about the ship's unfortunate ending and add throws in a little love story also. How doesn't love a story about people from different worlds coming together?
If you love a good classic movie then an Affair to Remember should definitely be on the list. The movie takes place on a cruise ship. Two individuals keep crossing paths while on the trip and a love hate relationship evolves. Like every love movie though, they eventually find that they are in love with each other. They then must decide what to do about their significant others once they get off the boat. Yes, all of this happens on one short boat ride.
We have grown up thinking that pirates are mysterious, dangerous thieves that rule the open seas. Disney has helped to show us another side. Sure, there is still danger and mysterious occurrences, but the audience can stay away from the Pirates of the Caribbean series. What started out as a ride in their theme park, turned box office gold.
Another dvd movie about a boat that takes us back into history is Pearl Harbor. Film makers were able to take us back in time to what the world was like during the 1940s. The United States was desperately trying to stay out of another World War and was trying to stay out of everyone's affairs. However, best movie website Japan brought us in by bombing Pearl Harbor and causing widespread damage in Hawaii. If you love movies about war and love a little romance then this movie is for you.
All of these dvd movies focus on how boats have played a pivotal role in history and in our lives. These stories all serve as cautionary tales also. You never know what can happen when you are on the open sea or if you are in the harbor. A way that you can protect yourself is by getting boat insurance. Obviously you know that it will cost you a little more every month but as we have seen throughout history, not having the insurance can cost you in the long run. So remember safety, blog and get your boat insured before you hit the water.

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