Skype and Facebook have just released a brand new "Video Chat" feature that enables visitors to see and communicate with their friends in real-time while they're in Facebook. This selection is ideal for business as it enables buyers to get to know, like and trust sellers considerably faster and simpler than ever before. I will think of several instances where my business and my client's business could have been greatly enhanced with this capacity to efficiently connect "eyeball to eyeball."

Relationship Building - Through the use of Facebook's video talk to interact easily and seamlessly with prospective clients "eyeball to eyeball," a small business person can dramatically boost the speed which a possible client can cross the ever present, completely invisible "KLT (Know-Like-Trust) Bridge."

When people can "look you from the eye" - even over a monitor, they are more likely to create a relationship together with you that's stronger compared to a phone call, email, or Facebook post. This really is if the initial relationship was created IRL - In the real world - or virtually. It's particularly true for your thousands of people that are doing nearly all their business over the web.


Simplicity - Up to now, it has been somewhat cumbersome - some would say difficult - to plan a video speak to other folks. Exactly how Facebook has integrated this feature in to the regular Online Chat and Messaging features that folks are already comfortable using, makes this incredibly simple.

By way of example, Sometimes with individuals worldwide. Most of these people I've never "seen" in person. Although I've used Skype video for countless years, I will be usually met with resistance while i suggest someone handle the installation on the computer in order that we can "meet face-to-face." After trying to walk some people through it, I noticed it turned out just simpler to connect on the telephone.

That obstacle - downloading a credit application that appears scary, intimidating and difficult - just disappeared today due to this start-up between Skype and Facebook. Even though Facebook application does require downloading of software, it seems less intimidating plus much more simple to use than other alternatives. Plus, since many individuals will be utilising it, it'll be extremely difficult to disregard.

Accessibility - With Facebook's 750+ million users, Skype's video chat feature will often be accessible by everyone - old and young. Think about simply how much easier it will be for any merchant in Kansas City approach a factory owner in Hong Kong about a product he wants built.

Observed many local businesses profiting from this too. Let's consider somewhat shop that sells a special handbag. Any customer from 1000s of miles away is more likely to initiate a talk to discuss price, styles, and shipping versus making a website and looking to work everything out. For some strange reason, people enjoy business with individuals.

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